Strong Web CMS Presence in Google Summer of Code Projects

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Since 2005, one of Google's more popular projects has been the Google Summer of Code (GSoC). The GSoC is a global program that pairs participating open source projects with student developers. Students accepted to the GSoC receive a stipend and are assigned mentors within specific projects.

The GSoC is definitely a win-win proposition for the students, who gain real world experience and the open source projects, who not only have the chance to get some key features done faster than they would otherwise, but also might gain long-time contributors from the process.

Learning Opportunities

Open Source Web Content Management is well-represented in this year's list of 150 accepted projects. Mentor organizations accepted this year include Drupal, Joomla!, TikiWiki CMS/Groupware, Moodle, Plone, WordPress, Geeklog and Typo3.

Numerous related projects including wikis, foundation technologies like those provided like the Apache Software Foundation and groups such as the Creative Commons whose licenses back a lot of Web Content Management Systems's content were also included.