Telerik Launches Sitefinity Marketplace, Opens New US Offices
Maybe it is because Telerik (news, site) is finding Europe too small, or because there just isn’t enough business in Europe with all the purse-tightening that is going on. Whatever the reason, the Bulgaria-based company has announced it is expanding operations in  Massachusetts and opening a new office in Texas.

In addition to the new offices, the company has also announced that it is launching a new marketplace for add-ons for its Sitefinity ASP.NET Web CMS.

Developers Get Ready . . .!

The expansion in the US market also coincides with a call for submissions to that marketplace -- the company is even offering prizes to developers that make eligible submissions by the end of this month.

So the prizes are not cash prizes and no one is going to make a gazillion bucks from submissions (in actual fact they consist of free licenses), but it does show that Telerik is not just touting for business here, but is also looking to develop and grow Sitefinity in the US.

The new marketplace will enable its growing community to buy and sell controls, modules, themes and templates, as well as offer free tools contributed by Sitefinity MVPs.

Working with Sitefinity 3.6

The current version of Sitefinity -- v3.6 -- was launched in February and came with a new back end architecture that makes extensibility easier than it had been previously. Creating custom modules and extending built-in modules was also simplified.

To further simplify upgrading, Sitefinity v3.6 included control templates as embedded resources and in doing so cut the the number of files included in Sitefinity and eliminated the risk that an upgrade would overwrite customizations.

For the first time it also introduced a data provider for video libraries using Amazon S3 for data storage and streaming as well as native integration with Telerik's Silverlight media player.

Overall, a very tidy Web CMS that will undoubtedly see quite a number of new add-ons coming from the new marketplace.

New Market, New Offices

Already, Telerik is expecting a surge in interest with the opening of the new US offices. So much so, that it is enlarging its developer evangelist team -- probably a good idea with the new marketplace.

The current expansion has already seen its smaller operations in Newton, MA, move to a larger site in Waltham, MA, as well as establishing its new office in Houston.

The company is saying that the expansion is in response to the growing demand US-wide for its WebTesting tools, and growing Silverlight and WPF suites.

This is only the latest move or expansion of European content management companies in the US with UK-based Version One, and Finnish-based Motive moving in since the beginning of this year alone.