Telerik, a vendor of developer tools and components for .NET, has beefed up its Sitefinity CMS with version 3.2, adding a number of nifty new features to their website, intranet and community portal development platform.First released in early 2005, Sitefinity's web interface has gradually evolved into what you see here.

“There are many CMS platforms on the market that offer rich functionality for both end users and developers. The comprehensive web development tools, however, always come at the expense of usability. When selecting a CMS, customers usually are up against the trade off “complete vs. user-friendly” platform. We spotted that business opportunity and have been continuously working on providing a comprehensive development platform that does not sacrifice the freedom of both web developers and end-users, yet offers simplicity and ease-of-use” says Vassil Terziev, Telerik CEO.

Images and Documents Library Module

One of the premier features of the new version is the Images & Documents Library Module that provides end-users with options to create, edit and share content. The web site administrators also benefit from automatic handling of permissions and automatic storage and retrieval from/to the project database.

For example, when migrating a project, it is a lot easier to transfer the whole project database, instead of transferring and managing the image and document files separately. An advantage is developers do not need to take care of image/document paths any longer as it has been all automated.

Events Module

The Events module allows users to easily schedule and announce events through their websites. The module incorporates the Telerik RadScheduler which provides standard abilities to manipulate events.

Based on the Generic Content Module, the Events Module inherits most of its features such as panels for managing tags, categories and comments, and the ability to define module-specific permissions. The Events Module also introduces a new specific panel for working with geo-mapping settings. The module provides the ability to display maps of an event's location from three leading map services: Google Maps, Yahoo! Maps and Live Maps.

Additional Updates

There are a number of other updates and improvements to Sitefinity CMS, including the Generic Content Module, which allows uploading images through a user-friendly image manager. Also, a hyperlink manager assists users in linking content to a certain page within the project through a sitemap selector. Sitefinity CMS v3.2 offers further opportunities to customize the web development platform. With the new Personalization functionality users are able to save their own system and/or module settings once they log into the admin area. There are different personalization options, such as setting a specific part of the Sitefinity administration as home page, dashboard settings – classic or overlay visualization, displayed items per page, etc... A standard edition license for Sitefinity runs for USD $899 per domain. Telerik also offers a free Community Edition of Sitefinity which provides content management, blogs, news and other capabilities out of the box -- great for building small websites that don't need enterprise features like workflow, versioning and multilingual support. Visit Sitefinity for more info.