Tiki's (news, site) rampant expansion continues with the addition of a range of collaboration services for its groupware users.

Tiki's Expanding Every Way

Tikiwiki's open source Web CMS has been on a bit of growth spurt in the last few months and continues its rise with the addition of video collaboration from Kaltura. At the same time, BigBlueButton support adds a range of collaboration features including desktop sharing, VoIP and video too.

Tiki's open source group/project management software allows for the creation of blogs, image sharing, bug tracking and many other features to help keep a distributed group of workers in the loop. It's much awaited version 5 entered beta v2 last week . Using using PHP, MySQL, Zend Framework, jQuery and Smarty technology, it can be heavily tweaked to adjust the users' needs.

Add Some Kaltura

Kaltura video collaboration is already a part of Tiki 4 with some links and plugins already installed. Now though, Tiki developers will be able to add features to specify user access rights and permissions, help remix videos -- trim conference calls and so on, and allow tighter integration with Tiki file galleries.

There is a technical spotlight on the integration you can read on the Kaltura site that highlights the functions and components needed and shows off some of the results.


Mixing video online got a whole lot easier

Press the BigBlueButton

BigBlueButton has put together a basket of open source technologies to create a combined collaboration system offering voice, video and presentations. All mashed up into one screen, if needed, users can use single sign on from Tiki and an extension for team management features.

Desktop sharing and video conferencing alone would make this a great addition, but if its all combined neatly into Tiki as planned, entire virtual events could be run using it. Plans for down the line include integration with many existing Tiki features such as scheduling, conversation management and storage plus using the Tiki payment system for paid events.

Some of this integration is planned for the upcoming Tiki 6, with a summer event to help bolt the two together.