TypePad: Now Open for Developers and Microbloggers
Six Apart (news, site) is all over the place lately. In addition to Movable Type integrating Zemanta, the company has two new introductions to make. 

TypePad Cloud Platform is a new tool that enables developers to build social applications via the system's API. Meanwhile storage, infrastructure and organization of the data is left to TypePad's cloud environment.  Secondly, meet TypePad Motion, the first application built on the new platform. Typepad Motion is a microblogging app that evolved from Pownce, which Six Apart acquired last year. 

The Platform

Though Six Apart has seen a fair amout of success since kicking out TypePad in 2003, the platform was revamped over the last year to comply with the new standard. The redesign introduces popular social networking features such as profiles, following, microblogging, and status updates to bloggers. Obviously now heavily playing on the social scene,  the addition of the TypePad Platform also enables a large amount of collaboration opportunities, since anyone can join in on the cloud-based activities.

This update is obviously aimed primarily at developers,  as it aids them in building social applications on top of a cloud network. But it's nice to note that Six Apart CEO Chris Alden mentioned the platform's usefulness when it comes to regular bloggers as well. While larger businesses will benefit from the added abilities and alternative to SaaS solutions, bloggers are expected to swim happily in the sea of all new applications. 

“We believe this is a better way of building social websites,” said Alden. "Just as Six Apart made social publishing accessible to millions with our blog tools, our goal with the TypePad Platform is to make the next generation of social applications much easier to build and scale."

Learning Opportunities

TypePad Motion

Pownce died awhile back, but its spirit lives on through TypePad Motion. The real-time microblogging capabilities bring a certain sauciness to TypePad, something similar to the Tumblr or Posterous variety (as in you do very little word to get your stuff on the Web). TypePad Motion is written in Python using the Django framework, making it what Six Apart considers "extremely easy" to build and customize.

On the TypePad Motion site members can benefit from the power of networking by coming together to share notes, files, photos, videos and audio with others. Featured users can aggregate all of their activity around the great wide open Web onto the TypePad Motion site, keeping their followers up-to-date on all of their minutiae. 

“I’m excited to see that Six Apart’s developer program is opening up a smart new way to build social apps,” said Kevin Rose, Founder of Digg and of Pownce. “Less than a year after its acquisition of Pownce, Six Apart is set to spark the development of new and innovative apps on its cloud platform."

But actually, in terms of functionality, it's fair to say that none of these new updates are innovative or even exciting for us Web savvy folk. There is however, no doubt that the additions broaden the Six Apart horizon. And it certainly serves up some worthy competition to similar players like what Automattic is to WordPress.

Developers can get in on the action by accessing the early beta version of the TypePad API. Documentation and the TypePad Motion open source application are also available. Just head over here.