VYRE Unify Brings Enterprise Search to the Table

Earlier this month UK based company VYRE announced a new release of their content management solution, VYRE Unify. VYRE Unify 4.4 is an upgraded version of the Web platform and includes features such as bulk editing, an import module, and AJAX functionality, among many, many others.

 “Dissolving Complexity”

VYRE Unify is a platform designed for the deployment of content centric Web applications. Intended to kill several birds with one stone, the platform not only provides a range of solution options, but also unifies the worlds of content management, digital asset management and marketing resource management.

To Mid Market, To Mid Market

In addition to a staggering 300+ new features and improvements, version 4.4 extends VYRE's philosophy of bringing high-end functionality to the mid market by introducing a fully integrated search module called Unify: EnterpriseSearch. Certainly the jewel of the release, Unify’s new capabilities for performing facetted and federated search provide immediate feedback and the elimination of content silos.

Shacking up with VYRE’s new search capabilities are other new features and frills like:

Increased efficiency for users and user-friendliness

Now import entire content from an Excel spreadsheet, or manage taxonomy in the CMS front end (say goodbye to administration layers and super users). Marvel at the one-click deployment of all publishing entities for newly added delivery servers, and use the new cloning portlet to copy a whole list of related linked items.

Multi-channel Publishing

VYRE Unify's multi-channel publishing feature has been optimized through the improved support for mobile devices.

Web Services

New Web Services have been added to the Web Service module giving users more integration options than they had before.

Media Transformation

VYRE Unify: Media is a new media processing framework that offers an alternative cross platform engine to VYRE's Digital Asset Processing Server (DAPS).

The additions are no doubt welcome in the enterprise and more than that, necessary to keep VYRE in better standing against their competitors. For more information including a full list of all the new additions, visit VYRE's site here