W3C Adds Facebook, Sony, Netflix as Members

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Just when we thought the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) was ready totake a break, it has announced its membership numbers areexpanding. Facebook, Sony and Netflix, among others, have joined thevenerable web standards organization.

W3C Grows by Specifications, Members

The W3C is an international standards consortium where members, full-time staff and the public work together to develop standards to ensure the sustainability and openness of the web. We recently reported on all of the activity that has been occurring within the W3C:

  • HTML 5
  • a binary XML standard that promises to speed delivery of XML to mobile devices by 100 times
  • web services standards
  • semantic technology
  • accessibility
  • connected TV and other device protocols

In addition to an expanding scope specifications, the group is also expanding its membership. At the W3C’s biannual meeting this month in Spain, members will discuss how the W3C is transforming web technology and becoming increasing important in an even larger scope of technologies. As a result of the organization's expanding scope, nearly forty organizations from sixteen countries have joined W3C in the past twelve months, including these leaders in media, television, entertainment, gaming, telecommunications, device manufacturers, and social media such as  Unicom, Comcast, Facebook, LG Electronics, NEC Corporation, Netflix, SanDisk, Sony and Zynga, bringing the total membership to over 325 organizations.

Learning Opportunities

Increasing Standardization

The growing membership increases the likelihood that standards the organization is proposing will actually be adopted in vendor products -- the only true measure of success for standards specifications. The W3C is jointly run by MIT, but has offices all of the world, reflecting its international composition.

Many of the standards that casual technologists are familiar with, such as HTML, CSS and XML, are under the management of the W3C. It will be interesting to see how the organization continues to change as technology continues to evolve from desktops to mobile at an astounding pace.