A new partnership between SaaS Web CMS provider CrownPeak (news, site) and Magus (news, site) targets governance-concerned organizations managing their web content in the cloud.

The good thing about this partnership is that it combines two cloud-based solutions that enable enterprises to get up and running very quickly -- and with the functionality that the combined solution offers, very efficiently.

CrownPeak Web CMS

The first part of the partnership is provided by CrownPeak, which offers Web Content Management in a decoupled, SaaS model. The second half, Magus, adds to the mix by offering website compliance and governance monitoring.

This means that as of today, companies that decide they will be using CrownPeak, will also have the option of using Magus’ ActiveStandards web governance platform (see coverage here).

There are a lot of advantages here, not least of which is keeping content compliant within whatever industry you happen to be working in. You'll also find other aspects driving this partnership.

It should come as no surprise that in a Forrester report, cited by CrownPeak, it was noted that 78% of Web CMS (WCM) decision makers surveyed said they will be spending on WCM initiatives this year, up from 75% in 2010.

Web content volumes show no signs of slowing down, and with social media now just about de rigeur within enterprises, internally and externally, that’s an awful lot of content to keep within the compliance boundaries.

On its own the CrownPeak Web CMS is a flexible solution that enables the management of all content -- external included -- offering marketers the ability to quickly create customized web experiences for target audiences. The company argues that their Cloud-based offering increases clients' speed to market, as compared to more traditional on-premise software deployments.

Magus and Website Governance

Magus' ActiveStandards product provides an enterprise platform for deploying, monitoring and managing your website standards -- ensuring that every page of your web presence is on-brand, standards-compliant and up-to-date.

Magus_ActiveStandards platform.png

Magus' ActiveStandards Platform

It works dynamically to coordinate website policies and processes, and provides essential into each component of the enterprise governance framework.

We can’t say enough in favor of content governance here; simply put here’s how it does it:

ActiveStandards scans your web presence, identifying any compliance problems and creates a list of all the content on your website. That content is then presented to users via an online dashboard, with errors reported by email. Any problems and it is easy to get into the site to fix it, while the platform also keeps track of how close you are to reaching certain objectives.

If you’re not sure about setting up content compliance policies yourself, then team Magus can help. ActiveStandards comes with a range of complementary web consultancy services.