Web CMS Vendor VYRE Reports Record Revenue

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What recession? That must be the question asked at Vyre (news, site) who has recorded a revenue rise of 81% compared to the first half of 2008 thanks to sales of its Unify CMS.

Bringing Unity to the Web

You can't knock success, particularly in these trying times and UK-based VYRE is raking in the money. With big name clients such as Virgin Holidays, Nokia and Cambridge University Press, that might not come as too much of a surprise.

The Unify name is used to signify a single platform solution to the challenges of CMS, DAM, marketing resources and search. Unify is a JEE product that uses Portlets to provide access to data from a Web interface.

Learning Opportunities

Onwards and Upwards

Unify also picks and chooses some top-notch components to fit into its system. It uses Lucene as a search framework, Hibernate handles data extraction and Spring is employed to help out with development. Then there are front-end applications like Tiny MCE used for WYSIWYG. There's a full wiki available for anyone wanting to find out more.

Aiming to do even better for the rest of the year, perhaps a small part of VYRE's success is down to moving its own hosting operations from Windows to Solaris and Linux. With major appeal to the digital media set, we'll follow VYRE's fortunes with interest.