Webinar: Real World Global Website Content Management

1 minute read
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The globalized content theme has been in the air for the past year or so and of late has been rapidly gaining momentum (news, news and news). The tools, processes and practices around managing multi-language, multi-cultural web content are gelling, but there's plenty of ground left to cover.This Thursday at 11am Pacific time, you can tune-in for some real world tips from Darren Guarnaccia, who's a the marketing veep at international Web CMS vendor Sitecore.The core of the webinar will be Darren discussing ways to accelerating your website’s global reach, by digging into real world scenarios and experiencesbig and fancy organizationshave faced when translatinglanguages and managing global Web content If things go as Darren plans attendees will learn about:*Leading best practices when considering machine and human translation services*Best Practices regarding repurposing content globally; text, images and video*Real world experiences regarding aligning your global web properties for maximum effect*Ways to use advancedtechnology such as Web CMS software for automated global content management The one hour event kicks-off at 11am Pacific daylight time. Sign-up happens here.