WoodWing 7.4 for Enterprise Allows Publishing to All Channels
The latest version of WoodWing Enterprise offers AIR-powered editing, multi-channel text changes, integration of external content and lots of digital magazine features.

Publishing the Future

WoodWing is pushing its publishing solution for digital magazines as the ideal tablet-based magazine creation solution. Look at WoodWing's home page and the first thing you see is a coffee table of magazines, and lots of tablet images (with a heavy iPad focus), not the product itself or some big bullet list of features.

The new update includes changes in the main components of the system, Content Station, Smart Connection and Enterprise Server. Content Station is powered by Adobe AIR, so it can run on desktops or within browsers depending on the users' needs or location. 

Content Station gets UI improvements, improved features and a new text editor that allows users to make changes on any target platform from within the app. Documents can be passed between Adobe's InDesign and adds more features and flexibility.

Content Station can help produce iPad-ready magazines

Content Station can help produce iPad-ready magazines

The Digital Magazine Age

WoodWing’s updated digital magazine plug-ins for InDesign offer a higher level of function for designers who can use tablet hotspots to generate user interaction. Smart Connection plugins have also been tweaked, helping publishers to make changes across elements like headers, body copy and boxouts a matter of drag-and-drop fixing.

For those with high advert count, WoodWing also offers improved external content management. Adverts or other content from external companies, agencies or other departments can be dropped in when ready for final publishing.

WoodWing will be showing off its new toys at the IFRA publishing expo in Austria in October