In what is possibly the least shocking news ever, WordPress (news, site) has just released yet another low-level update to its platform. The 2.8.3 security release was quickly banged out after lead developer Ryan Boren "missed some places when fixing the privilege escalation issues for 2.8.1." 

Anything with "security" and "issue" in the same sentence is probably pretty serious so, if you've got WordPress, it is highly recommended that you upgrade for what is probably the zillionth time this year here.

At least we know they're on top of user feedback.

Speaking of feedback, don't forget to drop your two cents about the upcoming multimedia features in WordPress 2.9. The topic is hot in the WP community as we reported last week, and the showdown between developers and users for how cluttered the new code will be has officially begun.

Keep up with all the twists and turns here, or you can sit in on the dev chat which is now held every Thursday at 21:00 UTC.