World Plone Day
November 7th marks the 2008 World Plone Day. Plone, winner of the 2008 Best Other Open Source CMS Award and their ever-supportive community are making this World Plone Day something special. They are collaborating on how to fight the current economic crisis affecting millions world-wide right now. And considering it's happening on 5 continents, 31 countries and over 60 cities, they just might be able to come up with some solutions.Everyone has been affected in some way by the current economic situation plaguing the world. Be it big business, the little shop down the street, or the retired guy around the corner. Plone wants to make an effort to address some of this. As an open source enterprise CMS option, Plone already attempts to make financial life a little easier for website owners by keeping their web CMS free to download, install, etc. Open source is nothing new, but even governments are catching on now, realizing the immense benefits from working with open source where possible. The Dutch government has even gone as far as setting a soft deadline for all their offices to start using open source software instead of purchasing new software. Plone aims to spread this type of thinking around the world. World Plone Day isn’t just about fighting economic crisis though, it’s also about working together to make an open source CMS that is easy to use, install and administrate. Plone succeeds at this exceptionally well. As the number one non-PHP based open source CMS option, Plone provides an option to site owners that is not on PHP-based servers and offers increased value for money (such as no license fees), superior security, better quality and global support by a community of users and developers.

World Plone Day 2008 Near You

From Argentina to the USA to South Africa and Vietnam, WPD is happening near you. Can’t make the fun and festivities? Follow with live streaming video below: World Plone Day may not solve all of the economic issues the world is facing, but they are making an effort to combat them and make the day just a little brighter. So whether you can make the events around the world today or you want to just follow what's happening via live video, spend World Plone Day with that open source frame of mind and maybe together we can stave off economic collapse. Check here for full location information!