YikeSite, a SaaS Web CMS service we wrote about in 2007, has some recent upgrades to its CMS services including a new iPhone app, developer API and an enhanced reseller offering.

YikeSite is a hosted CMS that allows its clients to customize their product and “white-label” to their own brand and resell the service as their own.

Now YikeSite has moved into the mobile functionality world with an app that allows businesses to track their customer’s activity through a mobile reseller dashboard. Features of the application include customer lists, customer’s activity including pages created and files uploaded, preview pages created or updated and preview files uploaded to a customer’s site. The app also allows users to view monthly, quarterly and annual revenue from an iPhone


Simple CMS

The YikeSite content management system was originally developed by Animiki for one of their clients. Animiki soon realized they could release the product to the public due to a demand for an easily customizable CMS.

“At the end of the day it was really hard to train our clients to use these really cool CMSs that did a lot of really neat things,” said Jeff Ward from YikeSite at the Web 2.0 show. “99 percent of the time our clients wanted to make a change and edit a picture easily. Our mantra is easily trainable.”

Now, YikeSite is a SaaS Web CMS written in Ruby on Rails. The product provides Web CMS development through a standard Web browser with functionality the company says is intended to be as efficient and simple as a typical blogging platform.

Content and graphics can be customized through uploading data from a personal computer. For instance, the YikeSite automatic image resizing feature allows users to upload an image from a digital camera and have it automatically scaled to the website.

A New API 

API developers can pull information into their own software using the YikeSite API available in JSON or XML. An example app using the API can be seen at http://yikesite-api.heroku.com/, The company also released the example app as open source.

Resellers or Bust

Since launching its reseller program, YikeSite has seen substantial growth, enough to shifts its entire focus to resellers. Because of this, the company recently enhanced its reseller branding to make it 100 percent “brandable”, or give users the ability to claim ownership and sell the product. This allows customers to fully customize and create a CMS with their logo, a marketing page, terms of service and privacy policy.

YikeSite’s pricing structure is based on size and storage needs. 5 MB of storage and unlimited pages is free; solo accounts (50 MB) are US$ 12 per month; small business accounts (200 MB) are US$ 24 per month; and large business accounts (500 MB) are up to US$ 45 per month. 

Watch a video explaining Yikesite's services: 

YikeSite from Animikii on Vimeo