What kind of Friday would it be without a Twitter update? We noted at last week's end that the platform was getting ready to focus on popular Tweets rather than their infamous real-time stream--a concept that can now be seen on Twitter's search page.

Championing Popularity

To use the feature, simply plug a query into, and the platform will filter the “top results" and display them above the real-time feed. It looks like you can get anywhere between zero and three top results, depending on how popular your query is to begin with. For example, when I searched for "more cowbell" I didn't get a single top result. But when I plugged "social media" into the field, this is what happened: 


Those blue highlighted bits indicate that you're looking at a "top result" which is apparently filtered based on the number of reTweets it receives.

(Sadly, searching "CMS" yielded only one top result.)

This feature is not a part of the main Twitter feed and we're not sure if it ever will be, but the company did say that it would be making it available in its search API. This means developers will be able to integrate it into their applications.

Twitter, Your New Search Engine

It'll be interesting to see how something like this develops, especially since the API should allow developers to tweak the number of top results returned. While this capability is cool living alongside Twitter's real-time stream, how will Twitter fans react to applications in which popularity is the primary focus? Such an alteration would bring Twitter closer to being a routine search engine

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