In addition to our normal Google news updates, we took some time this week to review a couple of the Internet giant's features that you may have slept on. 

Google Offers Developer Tools for Websites

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know Google is much more than a search engine. There's Apps, Docs, Gmail, Buzz -- the list goes on. On the lesser known end is a wealth of resources and tools for website development, which our own Chris Wright took some time to discuss this week:

  • Google Code
  • Google Web ToolKit 
  • Google App Engine

Check them out in detail here

A Beginner's Guide to Google Analytics

Speaking of the Internet giant's arsenal, enter Google Analytics. The free offering helps users to analyze the performance of multiple URLs and is used by over half of the top 10,000 most popular sites today.  

"Our ongoing goal is to keep existing viewers coming back for more and to increase our readership," said Paul Berry, Chief Technology Officer at the Huffington Post. "Google Analytics gives us all the features of a high-end analytics package and delivers the data we need to continuously optimize site performance. And at no charge, the price is right."

Want to enable the feature? We don't blame you. Check out our full guide for beginners here

Google Offers Groupon Competition With Offers

Unsurprisingly, Google's answer to being royally rejected by Groupon is to offer a solution of their own. 

Google Offers was officially rolled out to Portland, Oakland, San Francisco, and New York City this week. It's pretty much a Groupon clone, as it sends daily e-mails with discounts for 24 hour periods. If you're in one of the select cities and want to subscribe, do so here



Admittedly, the release is a bit anti-climactic considering Groupon today. The discount site has become a bit vulnerable in the face of LivingSocial, yet another competitor:


Then again, Groupon recently received a US$ 6 million infusion of capital, in addition to acquiring Pelago, the makers of the Whrrl location-based service check-in app. This could mean big things for the company, as check-in sites such as Foursquare continue to rise in popularity. 

Who will you ultimately decide to follow? Let us know in the comments below.