Bridgeline iApps 4.6: Smart Recommendation Engine for Web Engagement
Bridgeline Digital (news, site) released iAPPS 4.6 today with an eye to supporting marketers in their efforts to engage customers quicker and with more relevance.

Optimizing Site Content for Better Engagement

iAPPS 4.6 offers a few new and enhanced capabilities to support web engagement management (WEM). Key to any marketers toolkit is strong analytics. In iAPPS 4.6 Analytics has evolved to become iAPPS Analyzer. What this means is that it is no longer simply an analytics tools providing static analytics, it now offers a smart recommendation engine.

The WEM Smart Recommendation Engine can proactively suggest ways to optimize site content. It is integrated directly into the iAPPS product suite which means it works for an e-commerce store or a standard landing page for a marketing campaign.

The iAPPS Analyzer comes with a dashboard the highlights optimization suggestions:


iAPPS Analyzer -- Multi-channel Campaign Dashboard

In addition to the recommendation engine, the new Analyzer also offers Goal Driven Marketing to support a unified campaign across multiple channels -- including email, social media, paid search and more. You can track an individual campaign component to analyze its performance and receive recommendations to optimize it for better results.


iAPPS Analyzer -- Recommendation Engine Highlights Content Optimization Opportunities

Improved Marketing Capabilities

iAPPS Marketier also receives a few updates including SPAM validation and SenderScore integration for email campaigns.


iAPPS Marketier -- Select Events to Track Progress vs. Goal in Real-time

Dynamic contact search and list segmenting, more granular search tools and improvements to the subscription page management, filtering and process tracking are also included in iAPPS 4.6.

Marketier natively integrates with as well, so you can easily bring your Saleforce contact and lead records into the iAPPS environment to use in your campaigns.

Updates to iAPPS Content Manager

In addition to the new iAPPS Analyzer, there are other improvements to the product suite. These include:

Integration of the Microsoft Translator toolbar into iAPPS Content Manager. Now you can quickly translate web content inside the iAPPS WYSIWG editor.


iAPPS Content Manager -- WYSIWYG Rich Media Content and Automatic Text Translations

Easily work on digital assets within SharePoint and then use them within iAPPS Content Manager.

iAPPS SharePoint Integration for digital assets.

Finally, iAPPS Commerce now offers customer and product specific coupons for improving promotional capabilities.

Analytics are Key

The integration of iAPPS Analyzer with the entire iAPPS product suite and its evolution from a simple analytics reporting tool is indicative of the needs of marketers today. It's critical to not only monitor what is happening on your website and in your multi-channel campaigns, but to also be able to quickly make changes based on real behaviors to ensure you are meeting the needs of your customers.

iAPPS 4.6 is available now and there are a number of resources on the website to help you understand the entire product suite works together to help you manage your web engagement activities.