Clearspring's AddThis Platform for iOS, Android Launched; Social Tracking Easier
Engaging your audience through social media might be easy, but tracking the performance and returns from these is not necessarily a piece of cake. Clearspring's latest updates to its AddThis (news, site) platform makes it easier to track the performance of sharing. A new partnership with the BlueKai data exchange also expands users' network for better campaign monitoring and tracking.

Sharing Optimized for iOS, Android

Mobile platforms are gaining momentum in the enterprise and consumer markets because of their versatility. Clearspring is banking on the popularity of Apple's iOS and Google's Android, particularly the thriving application ecosystems built around these operating systems. The iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and various Android devices comprise a big share of the smartphone and tablet market, and application developers can better maximize their traffic and social referrals through AddThis. The AddThis API lets native iOS application developers better integrate Clearspring's social sharing functionality on their apps. Meanwhile, the Android API is currently under development, and will be available to developers soon.

Hooman Radfar, Clearspring founder and CEO, notes that traffic is shifting from desktop toward mobile devices, and publishers can use AddThis to better gauge the performance of their social media efforts.

As mobile access increases, publishers have struggled to fully understanding how their content is performing beyond the site. AddThis is the one platform you can leverage to measure and optimize sharing behavior regardless of how or through what device users chose to share the content."

AddThis lets application developers include sharing buttons for more than 300 services in 70 languages. Publishers already using AddThis on their website will no longer need to do additional work, because the same tool should work on mobile environments. AddThis' analytics also includes sharing data from both mobile and web platforms in a unified dashboard.

Data Exchange Integration with BlueKai

Aside from its rollout of mobile tools, Clearspring has also partnered with data exchange BlueKai, which gives the latter access to content bookmarked and aggregated through Clearspring's social web. BlueKai CEO Omar Tawakol underscores social media's role in the online advertising ecosystem, in which Clearspring will be able to leverage its proprietary data processing engine in determining trends in influence and intent through its AddThis platform.

Clearspring's social audiences will add to the data depth and breadth on the BlueKai Exchange, the largest marketplace for comprehensive, third-party data acquisition."

Through the partnership, brand marketers in various niches -- including auto, travel, finance and retail, among others -- will have better access to the Clearspring ecosystem for improved viral marketing campaigns.