Converseon, the self-proclaimed "full-service social media consultancy" has every intention of proving the title. The company's newest product, Conversation Monitor Plus, is a social media monitoring platform that offers access to the full Twitter Firehose -- approximately 90 million tweets per day -- without the danger of drowning. 

Converseon Monitor Plus

Like any good Web engagement company these days, Converseon's tools listens to online conversations and pick out opportunities for customer service, reputation management, PR, campaign engagement, and so on.


Converseon concept

Converseon Monitor Plus -- an upgrade from Converseon Monitor -- now features the full inclusion of the Twitter Firehose. "Full" being the key word here, as most APIs cut Twitter's data flow off after a certain point. And while 90 million tweets probably sounds daunting, a course to relieve information overload has been set using a handful of features:

  • Cleaner datasets: Enhanced filtering technologies aim to increase data relevancy
  • Near real-time search: Data is captured, indexed and displayed in near real-time
  • Enhanced search: Improved internal search functionality makes it easier to find and follow specific conversations
  • Streaming view: Users can view record details or measure volume spikes
  • Workflow enhancements: Team members can communicate and collaborate 
  • Response notes: Teams can track outbound engagement and re-purpose responses

"Adding access to the Twitter's full data set and providing enhanced filtering technologies significantly improves the quality and quantity of the information available to our clients," said Rob Key, founder and CEO of Converseon. "New features like streaming view, response notes and improved search functionality, make the information more actionable throughout the listening organization."

If you've already got Conversion Monitor, good news! The upgrade to Plus is reportedly free. If not, you can get here