Companies like to talk about harnessing the power of social media, i.e. engaging their customers in a simplified but comprehensive way. A new application Engage121 can help national brands monitor and engage customers across all forms of social media -- not like a burden, more like an opportunity.

Develop a Unified Brand

While companies may want to initiate conversations online, they might not know where to start. Additionally, with hundreds or thousands of outlets, it’s difficult for a national company to develop a unified brand message through social media while also engaging customers locally. Typically, companies set up accounts on a variety of different platforms, but managing each account takes manpower, time and money. If not set up effectively, companies risk a set-back in positive reputations value of their brands.


Engage 121 allows companies to start a conversation across all relevant platforms from one interface, build and post a Facebook FANlet, and develop "local" content on behalf of your outlets.

With Engage121, a national company can have a social media account for every location, while being managed by just one user. Additionally, the user can easily push out corporate-approved, scheduled messages with information about deals, discounts, community programs and addresses specific to each franchisee or retail outlet.

Solving the Social Media Equation

By integrating most, if not all, social media networks and tools into its application, Engage121 lets users customize information to meet client demand, making it easier to expand a presence across all social media networks to communicate news and promotions to current and potential members. With five areas of focus, listed below, Engage121 provides solutions for all parts of your social media equation including your company, your distributed salesforce and your consumers.

  1. Total Engagement: Companies can start a conversation across all your relevant platforms from one interface.
  2. Business Process: FANlets can integrate polls, questionnaires and other applets directly into a Facebook fan page newstream, aggregate local Twitter logins to provide outlets, a ready-made customer loyalty program and analyze the sentiment of each post to let you know where attention is needed most.
  3. Measurement: Engage121 captures and measures all social media interactions between you, your outlets and your customers.
  4. A Comprehensive View: Companies can immediately review, understand and measure entire media and social media landscape, allowing you to be where your customers are.
  5. Content Library: With a content library, companies can ensure that social media interactions are consistent in both tone and substance across the enterprise and/or between a client and its agency.

With a suite of products from which to choose, companies big and small can monitor social media programs tailored to meet their needs. Learn more at www.engage121.com and see what harnessing the power of social media really means.