Facebook Partners With RockMelt for a More Integrated Social Browser
Facebook (news, site) has seen the advantages of RockMelt's browser as it signs a partnership to improve integration between the social network and the social browser.

Just Call It RockFace, Already!

UPDATE - Shortly after the Facebook agreement, RockMelt announced that it has picked up a further US$ 30 million in funding from the likes of Andreessen Horowitz, Khosla Ventures and Accel Partners to help power it to a wider audience and further radicalize the browser. How much more can it raise before it needs to start showing results, that'll be an interesting question in today's hectic environment.

RockMelt has always been close to Facebook, tying in the contacts and activities of your friends to the front of the browser, making them always available in a boost to web engagement. Now the two have made a formal agreement to improve how RockMelt interacts with Facebook, which starts with the launch of a new version of the browser, available now, as RockMelt Beta 3.

It helps by offering users an improved Facebook Chat experience, and a new Friend Edge designed for making it easier to stay in touch with those who matter most. Plus RockMelt users get the ability to manage Facebook friend requests, messages and notifications in the browser. RockMelt as a company will presumably get more exposure among the non-geek Facebook userbase.


The new Friend Edge takes up as little or as much room as you need

The new Friend Edge takes up as little or as much room as you need

More New Features

There are over 30 new features in the latest beta, which can also be used to show your Twitter and other social interactions, including:

  • Expandable view with names and favorite status
  • Scrollable edges in the browser
  • Swappable Friend Edge and App Edge
  • Friend search
  • Chat status can now be changed to online/offline more easily
  • Option to hide offline friends
  • Improved context menu when right-clicking friends
  • Unified View of Friends: Favorite Friends and Other Friends now shown together
  • Drag-and-drop to remove or add friends to Favorites

Plus you can also view and reply to messages, and see notifications and the associated item of interest (status updates, links, or photos). RockMelt is also available for the iPhone as an app that syncs with your desktop browser for updates and sharing of content.