Attention, stats fans! Today Google granted Blogger, its blog publishing platform, a feature that allows users to check their stats in (almost) real-time. 

Blogger Stats

Blogger Stats is a new perk that's immediately available to all public Blogger blogs. Starting now, users can head on over to the new 'Stats' section by going to A 'Now' tab displays a near real-time overview of which posts are the most popular, where visitors are coming from geologically, and from which traffic source:

Blogger Stats screenshot

Will such a feature be added to Google Analytics? It seems like a natural next step. Currently, the popular Web analytics service only updates every few hours. Keeping it that way while another branch of Google is allowed to update every few minutes would be maddening for webmasters, not to mention completely nonsensical. 

Then again, adding such an interesting feature to Blogger doesn't make a whole lot of sense in the first place. Perhaps Google is simply testing it on a less popular service, but that doesn't exactly jive with the company's most recent analytics efforts, which have involved letting Web surfers opt-out of being tracked. 

In any case, at least the Blogger addition will make reviewing statistics a tad more interesting.