The situation: Facebook's massive audience is often overwhelming, but remains choice for many marketers and their social strategies. The challenge: Distinguish the right customers from the wrong ones and engage them accordingly. The solution: Webtrends Social Accelerator Packages. 

End-to-End Brand Management 

Webtrends Social Accelerator Packages tie Webtrends Ads and Apps together, allowing the analytics company to help customers define social strategies best suited to their unique goals before delivering fully-customized Facebook Apps.

App customization is pretty flexible, and includes design, implementation, and multivariate Facebook ad campaigns:

Wentrends Apps examples

Of course, the cherry on top is Webtrends's stock analytics system, which allows marketers to monitor performance in real-time.

"Brands and agencies today are looking to tap Facebook's burgeoning platform to promote their businesses, but are unsure of how to approach paid social marketing," claimedd Peter Yared, vice president and general manager, Apps at Webtrends. "By helping marketers develop both Facebook apps and targeted social ad campaigns to drive engagement, we are helping them harness the potential of the Web's most prominent social platform."

The Benefits of Paid Media

There's a growing appreciation for the "au natural" approach to marketing. That is, things on the Internet become viral on their own. And sure, this has worked wonders for YouTube videos, but is it smart to apply that method to marketing? Not according to Forrester, whose recent independent research claimed "Social applications can be naturally viral an grow on their own. Yet this can often take time, especially at a mass scale, so many interactive marketers have successfully leveraged paid media to create awareness and engagement on their social applications."

And pay you will. Webtrends Social Accelerator Packages are currently available starting at US$ 15,000. Each package includes social strategy consultation, Facebook Apps, and multivariate Facebook ad campaigns. As a bonus, each package also includes personalized instructions for the continuous nurturing and growth of brand engagement on Facebook.

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