Improving Social Media Monitoring with Attensity Respond
The non-stop climb in popularity that social media solutions are making requires businesses to constantly level-up their monitoring efforts. Attensity's (news, site) latest uses semantic technology to classify Tweets, Facebook posts, review sites, blogs, etc. in order to identify what needs attention.  

Attensity Respond for Social Media

The new Attensity Respond for Social Media works in conjunction with Attensity360, the company's conversation monitor. Together, these solutions route both issues and praise stated across the social media layer to the appropriate person or team, so that they may be acknowledged immediately. 

Features include: 

  • Drag-and-drop UI 
  • Messages are automatically tracked within the system and retained/archived with the original posts from time of system adoption
  • Analytic reports on key service/customer metrics
  • Interoperability and integration with Attensity’s full Respond product for complete communications control across all communication channels
  • Optional Rapleaf integration for e-mail lookup
  • Integrates with a variety of CRM systems, including SAP, Siebel, Kana, eGain, and Microsoft CRM

Responding to Need

Attensity's new solution is a product of the intense engagement taking place virtually everywhere. The volumes of discussion can be downright crushing, if you're not careful. Accordingly, Attensity Respond packs a built-in contact center "ticketing" system for all tracked communications. These communications can then be accessed within the system, allowing users to see team responses, previous communications, which messages are awaiting response, which are in progress, and which have been closed.

"We've taken the promise of semantic technologies and the promise of social media and delivered an easy-to-use, enterprise-class solution that automatically creates order out of chaos," said Catherine van Zuylen, vice president of product marketing for Attensity." It helps companies to better understand and connect with their customers."

The integration with CRM systems is also fairly notable, as it allows interactions to be tracked at the customer level as well. In addition to providing access to valuable customer data, response times and content are tracked in the customer record. 

More details about the solution are still in the pipeline, but you can stay up to date by visiting Attensity's site here