Involver Strikes Gold with Social Media Dashboard
Involver (news, site) turned many, many heads with the July release of their social media dashboard. The product pulls Facebook, Twitter, and other online portal activity into one location, allowing users to monitor, publish, schedule and manage brand strategy across the social Web. We checked back in and, unsurprisingly, more than 100,000 of those turned heads have become customers. 

Big Money

In addition to surpassing 100,000 customers, Involver also landed US$ 8 million in a series C funding found led by venture firm Bessemer Venture Partners. 

“While Involver is profitable today, receiving outside capital is an important and strategic move for any company growing as rapidly as we are,” said Rahim Fazal, co-founder and CEO of Involver. “This new round, led by Bessemer Venture Partners, will provide our company with additional opportunities to enhance the value our future and existing customers find in the Involver Platform.” 

AMP-ing Up

Lately we've been talking a lot about the problems that come with trying to effectively use social media for company growth. For now, Involver seems to fill part of the gap for both small and large players.

Users can do everything from share photos, tweets and whitepapers on social media sites to offer coupons, polls and customized landing pages for visitors. Further, the company's Audience Management Platform, (AMP) enables both the creation and optimization of unique social-media experiences under one umbrella: 


AMP screenshot

AMP is like a community manager's best friend. It has the ability not only to aggregate information from across the Web, but allow users to respond to all activity from one location as well. Perks include:

Listen: search updates across social networks for brand mentions or keywords
Monitor: review, moderate, and respond to consumer conversations on Twitter and Facebook
Schedule & Publish: build and execute a content calendar that keeps fans and followers
engaged with your brand.
Engage: tap Involver’s suite of over 30 applications, including Polls, Coupons, Quizzes, Lead Generation, Sweepstakes, Email Signup, YouTube, RSS and Twitter, to engage audiences
Optimize: view integrated analytics to understand and optimize marketing results.

“The opportunity to market on social networks is too large to ignore, but keeping up to date with the rapidly changing landscape presents a unique challenge for even the most engaged marketer,” said Rahim Fazal, Involver’s CEO. “We knew when we founded Involver that we’d have to build a platform flexible enough to adapt to the changing needs of our customers."

Fight the Good Fight

If you're struggling to keep up with the demands of an audience spoiled on social media solutions, you're not alone. Involver is just the beginning of an answer to this problem, but it's a good one. Check them out and get the information you need here