Are You Proliphiq? New Social Media Search Combines Sentiment Analysis & Content Discovery
With the anticipation and excitement around Facebook’s Timeline, you might be wondering what other social media networks may provide in response. Look no further than Proliphiq, a new social media search tool that aims to connect the right users to the right content at the right moment.

An Equation for Influence

Proliphiq combines the influence of Klout, the social pervasiveness of Facebook and circles of Google + into one unique, interactive experience that not only helps to isolate social influencers, but identifies trending topics and events.

Proliphiq isn’t just based on statistics, but online actions as well. By incorporating the wisdom of the crowd, it is also able to provide rankings for users and categories for which they influence content. Users can log in via Twitter or Facebook logins and can link to their other accounts, like LinkedIn, YouTube among others. Once logged in, you’ll see how users across networks are ranked accordingly based on three factors: Engagement, Credibility and Audience. Users can also influence these factors by leaving feedback that helps to rate the way others share, create and post content.


Image 1: Users can rate users based on a variety of information, like content quality, posting frequency and content descriptives. 

Discover Content & Its Influencers

Users have lots of options for both discovering content and identifying those who influence trending topics, both within your individual networks and across the world. As well, you can also choose trending topics to see who are the most credible sources talking about it, and select traits associated with that trending topic.

Proliphiq, like Twitter and Google, has the power of locating trends in one place. However, unlike either of those platforms, Proliphiq gives the user ability to better understand who is driving the trends based on their credibility, engagement and audience rankings. You can also search within your networks to see who is talking about topics as well.


Image 2: Choose from real time trending topics to identify influential users and their credibility.

Proliphiq takes a cue from Facebook by making it easy to stay within one interface to complete a variety of tasks. Whether it’s posting to your Facebook wall or sending a Tweet, or following trending topics and evaluating the credibility of a user, Proliphiq lets you do it all, while capitalizing on the constant and addictive nature of sentiment analysis.

Test Your Influence

Currently in private beta, Proliphiq will be open for business later in October. You can register to get an invite prior to public launch. Can't wait? Use this access code (pqff_l0_20545f59ad0f21) on for exclusive access -- it's limited to the first 200 users.