Personyze Teams with Joomla & WordPress to Personalize Content Management
 Personyze (news, site) aims to make content management a bit more personal with its recent Joomla and WordPress integration. 

In case you aren't familiar with the platform, Personyze is a cloud based bundle of tools for segmenting and personalizing the visiting experience. The suite also features analytics and testing tools, which track metrics related to device type, geography, visitor behavior and so on. 

Further, integration with Facebook makes it possible for users to define segments of visitors by their characteristics, demographics, and interests:


“With this segmentation engine, you can separate visitors off depending on different variables,” explained founder Yakov Shabat. Those variables include “Geography, keywords, what site they came from, whether they’ve visited before. We can take behavioral information, we can take social information like age or number of friends from Facebook, we can take third-party integration.”

+ Joomla and WordPress

The recent threesome means all contents, posts and themes from Joomla and WordPress will be available within the Personyze interface for segmentation. This pool also includes e-mail campaign managements tools MailChimp and ConstantContact, meaning you'll be able to analyze until the cows come home-- if you want.  

Here's a helpful video on how to set it up with WordPress:

Friends of all Shapes and Sizes

We noted that the Israeli software startup was beginning to show a lot of potential when it got together with Rapleaf late last month. Customers of Rapleaf can now enjoy a more powerful website personalization platform, as the information gathered (public information available online, offline sources, and interests provided by individual customers) can now be used to engage website visitors with more meaningful content.

“The Rapleaf integration fills in missing visitor demographics our customers need to more
precisely target ads and emails,” explained Danny Hen, VP Marketing and Business Development at

Personyze began selling its platform in April, and reportedly has tens of thousands of dollars in monthly revenue from licence fees. This has lead the company to expect to reach US$ 200,000 a month by year end, which would mean monthly sales of at least US$ 1 million within a year.

Today its value continues on for anyone using Wordpress or Joomla as a content management tool for lead generation. Meanwhile, it's also great for sites that wish to offer highly personalized experiences for different classes of viewers. Both aims make sense, but it's worth it to note that these specific content management systems are typically used by smaller web companies and, as Bobbie Johnson says, "...if Personyze is going to unlock an entirely new world for smaller web companies, then it needs to focus on being fast, easy and user-friendly, and right now even with these tools, personalization isn’t labor-free."