SaaS CMS Clickability Enters the Web Engagement Game

Web CMS vendors’ affection for web engagement is spreading faster than I can say WEM. SaaS CMS provider Clickability (news, site) is heading that direction as well with the release of Website Marketing Acceleration (WMA) module.

Engagement with Clickability

The goal of the new product isthreefold:

  1. Understand visitors
  2. Increase engagement
  3. Betterqualify sales leads.

The new module sits on top of the CMS andtaps into the content delivery layer to gather information aboutvisitors and their online behaviors with the classical purpose ofdelivering personalized content based on implicit and explicitinterests.

clickability target content wma.jpg

Content Targeting in Clickability’s WMA

Severalcomponents go into the new product:

Visitor management is used toview and manage visitor profiles and associated data, such as number ofvisits, clicks, duration.

clickability visitor management.jpg

Clickability Visitor Management

Anonymous visitor identification allows to gather basic information such as location, company, referrer.

Behavioraltracking tracks how visitors behave and capture their interests andactivities.

clickability behavior stats.jpg

Clickability Behavioral Stats

Progressive profiling is the area for managing explicit profiling data. It is used for adding more data to userprofiles with the ultimate goal of qualifying the visitor as a lead.Once you know more about your visitors, their targeted content is addedto the Visitor's Resource Portfolio.

Learning Opportunities

Lead scoring: enablingmarketeers to assign and manages scores attached to each registeredvisitor.

View Lead Score History clickability.jpg

Lead Scoring in WMA

Things to Consider

WhileClickability made a good attempt at introducing web engagementmanagement as one of the features in their SaaS CMS, let’s say thatthey’re in very early evolutionary stages of exploring WEM. At this point, WMA ismore suited for existing early-adopter type Clickability clients, who want to give thismodule a try.

For one, there’s no direct API toAPI conversation capability with such popular web analytics tools like GoogleAnalytics or Omniture. Clickability does, however, offer its own,proprietary analytics module that, they say, has been enhanced in theWMA release and allows you to gather the basic data. On the CRM front, for right now,Clickability only integrates

Furtherimprovements can be done to the way “interests” are managed. Right now,that’s part of the config changes, which may not necessarily appeal tonon-technical marketeers. Interests are currently being managed as aflat structure, so there’s no easy way of creating hierarchies of that type of content.

We will keep youposted on Clickability’s developments. If you get a chance to exploreWMA, let us know your impressions in the comments.