Shoutlet 4.0 Helps Corporations Shout Louder Than Most

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Every good company should be using (and listening to) social media. Shoutlet (news, site) offers a centralized way for business to appeal to the grassroots.

Shouting From the Rooftops

There is a lot of social media about and it can be hard for an individual to manage their connections, yet alone a business. This is where a platform like Shoutlet comes in handy, providing a central system for an enterprise to manage what it says and what people are saying to it.

Shoutlet is now bellowing about its new version 4.0, which offers a tweaked interface, improved social network management, CRM for social sites, HTML 5 compatibility, a new section to enable companies to run promotions and contests and a promise of more to come covering the growing sphere of web engagement management.

Shoutlet 4.0 screenshot - dashboard.jpg

Shoutlet's dashboard offers access to social functions

Be Social, or Get Left Behind

There's no doubt that all businesses need some social media awareness to thrive, either locally or globally, but not every company can afford a social media expert. Shoutlet offers a new shoutbox feature at the top of the new dashboard that gives nearly any user the ability to post the most commonly used social interactions.

These can include company or product status updates, news tweets, useful links, the latest product images or videos and other content. The Shoutlet dashboard also lets users keep an eye on social messages mentioning the company.

Learning Opportunities

The new contest platform should be of great interest to the types of companies that are always giving things away (radio stations and travel firms spring to mind). Interactive contests can be run and managed online, reducing the amount of effort needed to look after them. Using Facebook pages, any outfit can create a competition that can raise awareness and spread across the target audience as fast as you like.

Shoutlet 4.0 screenshot - Social CRM.jpg

Social CRM helps resolve customer issues faster

Put on an 'Appy Face

With HTML 5, users can also create web apps for mobiles and tablets, allowing viral and social products to be pushed out to your company's clients, users or fans. Built-in to Shoutlet 4.0 is an iPhone app that allows employees to capture content in any media form (ideal for posting pictures for a live event or expo), and post it back to the Shoutlet archive for online publishing.

Time-sensitive feeds can be added to the interactive calendar for publishing at critical moments. The whole package makes the daunting challenge of managing a company's social media efforts a lot less frightening, and while you still need someone with lots of marketing experience to run the show, they don't have to come from the server room to understand the system.