& Buffer Partner for Sweet Twitter Curation
Two valiant startups have joined forces this week in an effort to cut down the noise on Twitter (news, site). Together, and Buffer lace together a Twitter-powered reader and scheduler in order to dig up and retweet the top stories in your social stream. is Sweet 

Essentially,'s algorithm shows tweets based on how often the people you are following have mentioned a particular article, allowing you to quickly see the top stories of the day. You can also create search terms or track Twitter lists in the same manner:


+ Buffer

As of now, features a Buffer function which allows you to schedule tweets throughout the day so they don't end up overloading the streams of your followers (think Sendible). 

"Our goal with Buffer is to make consistent and hassle free sharing on Twitter as easy as possible for you," writes Buffer co-founder Leo Widrich in the company's official announcement. "This means to bring the Buffer experience to as many places online as possible. So we try collaborating with reader apps, mobile apps and Twitter clients so you can Buffer from anywhere and everywhere. Integrating Buffer with was an important step for us to continue going down this route."

Bitter Competition

The competition pool is fairly full, and includes players like TweetDeck, Seesmic and Hootsuite.

Furthermore, the third-party road has been a bit sketchy since Twitter decided to implement its own Follow button and picture and video sharing service. The company's recent TweetDeck and AdGrok acquisitions don't bode well either. Several developers, including the jilted Twitpic team, are understandably stressed

“We never heard from Twitter that they were building a photo feature,” said Twitpic founder Noah Everett. “We understand that Twitter owns and controls the platform, but a clearer roadmap from them and better communication would have been appreciated by us and all the developers. We’ve always had Twitter’s best interest in mind with building and running Twitpic, we would have hoped the same from Twitter, at least in the form of better communication.”

Still, things are looking relatively good for Buffer. According to ReadWriteWeb, Buffer was contacted by Ryan Sarver, the director of platform at Twitter, shortly after it was launched. Reportedly, Sarver said that Buffer was among the apps that third-party developers should be creating. The company was then contacted by reputation ranker Klout for possible collaboration and now it is partnering with other startups. 

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