SundaySky Reports on the State of Video in e-Commerce

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In August we profiled the ways that online e-commerce video can engage users. To further study the impact and benefits of online video in e-commerce, SundaySky recently published the second in a series of research reports focused on the State of Video in e-commerce. The report covers the state of video in e-commerce websites, disclosing facts about the usage of video by top U.S. online retailers, including mobile and social strategies.

How Retailers are Using Video Online

As online video becomes an increasingly popular strategy for online businesses, companies are still struggling to maximize the potential impact videos can have on their overall ROI.

By profiling the top 50 online retailers as published by Internet Retailer’s 2010 guide, SundaySky focused on YouTube and Facebook to investigate how e-retailers are using videos on social networks and what is currently done to deliver e-commerce videos on mobile devices.

What they found highlights the need for improving the strategies developed by companies to implement online video and engage their audiences.While more than 65 percent of retailers use videos,

  • 25 percent of the top 200 have more than 10 videos indexed
  • 24 percent of retailers are not present on YouTube
  • 42 percent have more than 1 million video views
  • 42 percent of the top retailer sites have no significant video presence

There’s obviously interest to use video to market products, but most retailers seem to lack a strategy for both web and mobile sites. In fact, they might be ignoring mobile altogether.

Learning Opportunities

Research revealed that mobile versions of websites do not contain videos, regular versions often do not play well on mobile devices and that there seems to be no significant HTML5 video deployments, leaving a majority of videos unable to be played on the iPhone OS.

Maximize Online Videos Across Platforms

However when it comes to social networks, like Facebook, retailers seem to maintain an active presence. With 12% of retailers having more than 1 million followers and 52% having more than 100,000 followers on Facebook, video posted garners lots of attention, comments and “likes.”

But what if you’re not a Nike or Target and don’t yet have a large following on Facebook or YouTube? The research suggests that covering all your bases: on the web, mobile devices and on social networking sites is crucial to enhancing and maintaining your video’s online presence and ultimately your company’s investment.