Facebook To Let Users "Like" the Entire Internet

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Facebook To Let Users
That's right, folks, rumor has it you'll soon be able to "like" most anything on the Internet. Much like Digging or Retweeting or Buzzing, Facebook's upcoming universal "Like" button will boost the virility of Web content as well as add to the popular social networking platform's audience. 

Who Will Take Over the Web?

There aren't a lot of details out yet, but it sounds like it's very similar to Twitter's new @anywhere tool. Imagine everything you like on the Web, no matter what site it's on, feeding back into your Facebook stream with the click of a button. The benefits for Facebook are obvious, the benefits for sites that integrate the button are obvious and the possibility it will steal some of Google's thunder is obvious too. 

Our best guess is that this new functionality will be unveiled as part of the company's upcoming Open Graph API toolset (to be discussed at the F8 Developer Conference in April). Today, Facebook describes this set of tools as a way for Web publishers and developers to "enable the transformation of any Web page so it functions similar to a Facebook Page."

Facebook vs. Google

"Facebook would essentially be stamping its brand on the entire Web," explains Nick Saint of Silicon Alley Insider. "It would also be in a better position to take on Google with an ad network of its own."

Learning Opportunities

If you've been following all the social media marketing with Facebook news, you understand what this could mean for marketers and analytics providers alike.  And for Web publishers, Facebook is also increasingly becoming a very vital traffic source. 

Additionally, rumors of Facebook's own e-mail service are also still floating around, as well as location-based updates. Hopefully all of these goodies will be announced at the F8 conference as well.