Social media marketing solutions just won’t stop cropping up. Japan’s latest is called AppTraq, a free analytics tool that specializes in the analysis of social technologies such as Facebook applications.  


AppTraq specifically tracks Page Views and Unique Users, and conducts segmentation analysis according to attributes such as age, gender and location. The idea is that results with high conversion rates can be defined by these attributes, grouped, and targeted accordingly.


Features include: 

  • Supports applications with high traffics: Free analysis for applications with over 50million PV per month.
  • Tracks the number of active users: Analyses daily UU (DAU), weekly UU, monthly UU (MAU) and more.
  • Age, gender and location analysis: Age groups, ratio of male to female, ratio of countries and other data are analyzed, identifying “who uses this social application.”
  • Real-time analysis: UU, PV, profits etc. are calculated in real-time and displayed automatically.
  • Conversion analysis: Number of visitor conversions are calculated, based on purchases of products, posts of reviews and other visitor actions.
  • Profit analysis: “How much profit is made” can be calculated in conjunction with the conversion analysis. This feature also works for applications with a set monthly fee.
  • Viral effect analysis: Analyses numbers and ratios of new registrations made through invitations from other users.
  • Graphical administration page: Analyzed data are visually displayed for immediate understanding, such as displaying a theme image of the target website.
  • CSV download: Summary of analysis results is downloadable in CSV format.

Social Media Marketing Analysis Mania

Even with all of those perks, we'd argue that Apptraq's strongest quality is that it's free. First of all, big names like Webtrends and Omniture have been in on the social media marketing analysis game for quite some time now. 

“The ability to have concrete measurement on investments within Facebook and compare them apples to apples with other digital channels is critical to marketers,” said Jascha Kaykas-Wolff, Webtrends' vice president of marketing, back in March of this year when the company announced their beefed up optimization tool. “Our comprehensive approach to measuring Facebook, beyond just applications, allows marketers to understand the broader picture of how their Facebook investment is performing.”

Learning Opportunities

Meanwhile, Coremetrics is also competing for their piece of the pie with their own integrated optimization platform. "Facebook campaigns – just like any other marketing program – must support strategic business objectives,’ said Coremetrics’ Chief Strategy Officer, John Squire. ‘Our approach to social media analytics is built on the premise that people interact with a brand in many different ways, through many different channels, and that the true measurement of ROI demands a fully integrated view of your customers."

Secondly, Facebook has already started to piece together its own internal analytics solution. In addition to Post Insights (a feature that reveals the reach and feedback level of each item users post to a Fan Page), the popular platform also started e-mailing weekly statistical reports to Page administrators. 

Three's a Crowd 

“The true value of Facebook and social networks is just becoming clear to marketers,” said Augie Ray, analyst at Forrester Research. And while that's undeniable, the third reason it's taking so long to establish networks as standard and reliable monetization tools is because a lot data tends to be bogus.  

Until we can find a way to get consumers to report their personal information accurately, it's probably better to experiment with free tools like Apptraq. Ready? Sign up here