Twitter (news, site) has made it easier to obsess over personal stats by sending e-mail notifications to users who've been retweeted by someone they follow, or when someone favorites one of their tweets.

These new features are optional and turned off by default. To activate them, just hit up the Notifications tab in your Settings panel like so (if you don't see them yet just hold tight -- they're rolling out to everyone over the next couple of days):


Not Good News for Everyone

While the expanded notifications will certainly work to enhance the platform, it's at the expense of third-party developers. And the horizon looks even dimmer to this particular pool given today's finalized purchase of Tweetdeck (check that news out here).

"Twitter seems more likely to turn its back on third-party developers than work with them going forward," noted Tom Cheredar of VentureBeat.

Today our condolences are with services like, which offers features similar to Twitter's newbies.

"Users with Favstar Bonus Features have had this option for some time, and it's reasonably popular," said founder Tim Haines. "I expect the users with Favstar Bonus Features will continue to use Favstar's offering, as it allows you to customize the notifications (e.g. send for every fav or send only when my tweet reaches 5 and 10 favs), and it will notify you even when someone who you don't follow favs you. The Twitter email doesn't do this, so it will probably only show a limited subset. Unless they change it of course."