It looks like digital measurement is going to be a key theme in 2011. Web Analytics Demystified and Keystone Solutions have announced plans to deepen a partnership they started in 2009, their endgame being the widest range of digital measurement, analysis and optimization consulting services on the market. 

Exclusive Partners

The partnership mostly operates under the Web Analytics Demystified brand, offering digital measurement strategy and consulting services of all levels: 

  • Strategy Audit and Strategic Framework Development
  • Executive Retainer Services
  • Operational Use Audit and Framework Development
  • Social Analytics Audit and Framework Development
  • Vendor Selection Services
  • Staffing Audit and Staffing Plan Development
  • Optimization Audit and Framework Development
  • Ongoing Reporting and Analysis
  • Training and Educational Services
  • Implementation Audit and Implementation Services
  • Tag Management Systems Audit and Deployment
  • Special Topics: Data Security and Privacy
  • Dashboard Development and Implementation
  • Custom Technology Development and Management

(Check out details for each of these bullets here.) 

The exclusivity push will likely do a couple of things:  spur solutions that might otherwise have been missed, and create a "one stop shop" for companies seeking digital guidance. 

“We have long appreciated Web Analytics Demystified’s strategic position in the marketplace,” says Matthew Gellis, CEO and Founder of Keystone Solutions. “Eric Peterson, John Lovett, and Adam Greco are three of the most recognized names in all of web and social media analytics, and we’re excited to be able to work more closely with all three to provide increasingly strategic services to our clients and prospects.” 

Greco, former Senior Director for Web Analytics at, officially joined Web Analytics Demystified just yesterday. His background also includes Director of Solutions Architecture at Omniture, where he still currently serves as a consultant. 

“I am delighted to be joining forces with Eric and John to help companies maximize the benefit gained from digital measurement technologies like Adobe SiteCatalyst," he said. 

What's Your Digital Worth?

We're roughly halfway through January, but it's already very apparent that the role of digital measurement is going to be a big one this year-- both internally and externally. 

While companies like Web Analytics Demystified and Keystone Solutions work to help businesses understand who their most valuable customers are, startups such as Klout determine ranking on the social exterior. The San Francisco-based company uses algorithms to rate how influential a specific person or website is considered on the Internet, then spits out a reflective 'Klout Score' (likened to a credit or FICO score by some). 

As digital worth becomes more and more important, so will the tactics for measuring it (note: a high Twitter following does not mean you're awesome). 

Get on board and check out Web Analytics Demystified efforts here