Your Web Content Management Must be Social, Mobile & Personal

2 minute read
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Forrester says we are in the age of the Splinternet, where the unified Web has ended. We have reached the point, they say, where users have numerous ways to connect and interact, and they are demanding increasingly social and personal experiences.

The analyst firm asserts that requirements for Web Content Management (WCM) systems have been dragged forward through a combination of device, expectation and strategy evolution. A modern WCM must support a whole a newrange of capabilities. But not all tools are there and not all marketing teams have evolved equally.

Join Stephen Powers, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research and Brian Costello, General Manager at Valassis on Thursday March 17th at 1pm EDT (10am PDT) in a complimentary webinar titled Evolving Your Web Strategy in 2011.

Learning Opportunities

A few things you will learn:

  • How WCM has matured and moved from an IT project to being a major tool for interactive marketers.
  • How embracing mobile is about more than detecting the right device. It's about optimizing both the content and the presentation for the right device.
  • How user generated content is just the first step to integrating social capabilities and  social content.
  • Why targeted content will finally find its place and integrate\ion with backend systems like CRM will make it even easier to employ.

Your basic Web strategy has likely evolved quite a bit recently. This session aims to provide a valuable checkpoint and a view on what's coming in 2011 for web content and integrated marketing. Reserve your seat here.