Media publishers want to control their entire print and digital advertising workflow — from order entry to delivery, billing and receivables, analytics and real-time performance measuring. The result is a better customer service experience, higher revenues, and a lower cost of technology ownership.

Atex (news, site) and BLOOM Digital Platforms have inked an agreement that will give online and mobile media publishers that sort of control.

The two companies have inked a pact to bundle BLOOM’s AdGear ad serving, targeting and online ad inventory management platform with Alex’s digital product suite.

AdGear is an ad server platform aimed at online and mobile media publishers, advertisers and agencies. The big idea is to glue together ad exchanges, agency-demand platforms and third-party data providers.

In this instance, AdGear integrates with Atex’s Advertising and Web Content Management system for digital ad booking, serving, targeting, analytics and billing.

Fewer Errors and Lower Production Costs

The Atex-AdGear solution allows publishers to lower operating costs and accelerate implementation times by eliminating manual double-entry of advertising information across systems, Atex said. The result is fewer errors and lower production costs. In addition, AdGear minimizes unsold inventory, allowing more ads to be sold and enabling better audience segmentation.

“As publishers look to further add value by increasing online advertising revenues, it became apparent to us that the current ad serving technologies do not provide enough flexibility,” said Peter Marsh, Atex Head of Global Product Management and Marketing. “Ad formats are too rigid. Contextual advertising is limited. And, it is difficult to connect user data and personalization between the ad server and the Web CMS.”

The Atex Web CMS shares metadata with AdGear for better yield management and optimization. This improves the redistribution of unsold inventory, providing publishers with the means to leverage their participation in the emerging marketplaces. It also facilitates future Atex and AdGear roadmap initiatives for real-time bidding to sell, acquire and exchange inventory Marsh says.

AdGear supports ad formats for online, mobile and e-reader channels, including Apple’s new iAds mobile platform. In addition, publishers can reduce their reliance on ads coming from ad networks that typically generate lower CPM rates and often degrade the media company’s brand.