Mochila and Topix Expand Online Video Content

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Mochila's new online video player
Mochila, global online media marketplace innovator has launched Video Player 2.0. Poised to deliver "multiple, related videos revolving within the same player", it aims to be an asset to those looking to improve user engagement and sustainability. With the ability to support full-screen displays, pre-roll and translucent overlay advertising, audiences are sure to revel in engaging, high-quality videos, while publishers benefit from a free ad-supported video tool for building their business.

Topix Video Player

The Video Player 2.0 is courtesy of Topix, one of the largest news communities on the Web. With its partnership, Mochila’s extensive video content will be available on Topix. Mochila significantly adds to its distribution of its video content, as Topix isn't some small news stand. Rather it's been ranked the fourth largest online newspaper (comScore, March 2008) and like other partners, offers Mochila advertisers a new channel to directly engage their audience.

The Growth of Online Video for Advertising

Not only is video content a viable and engaging option for online news sources, it's a profitable one as well. Online video advertising has achieved a more sophisticated status over the years thanks to advances of broadband access and ad-serving technologies. This added technological boost behooves the massive growth of the video advertising industry – ad spending is projected to grow from $775M in 2007 to $4.3B in 2011 (eMarketer). Using new technologies, Mochila has embraced this growing trend and offers a platform that meets the unique needs of advertisers, as well as content owners and publishers. Mochila’s method of matching content with contextual advertising gives marketers the ability to reach their target customers while they are engaged online.Together, Topix and Mochila tap into new, innovative ways to enrich the user experience. With the addition of video, Topix CEO, Chris Tolles considers the collaboration "a natural extension of our content strategy" that enables a showcase for "community-specific video content – while providing a vibrant new platform for our advertisers."Not surprisingly, Mochila is leaping ahead with their continued dedication to innovating the online media marketplace.