Mochila Goes for the Gold

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Mochila Serves up Olympic Coverage
The Olympic athletes aren't the only ones going for the Gold this August. Mochila hopes to set the "gold standard" for online distribution of Beijing 2008 Olympic news and feature content. Mochila, best known for their massive online media marketplace that allows publishers access to quality photos, video and content, hopes that their newest initiative can aid publishers of all sizes by adding tremendous value to their websites with the latest in Olympic coverage, including articles, photos and video. With so many athletic events, venues and athletes to cover, Mochila provides convenient, one-stop shopping for the world’s best and broadest range of Olympic content -- all free with advertising support. If you're like the rest of us, you're glued to your television or computer trying to catch the latest events, results and glimpses of your favorite athletes. It's unfathomable to consider how much content there is flowing out of the Olympic venues. Thanks to Mochila, obtaining that content is easy, no matter what you're looking for -- whether it be video of the opening ceremonies, world-class finish line photos or updates of Michael Phelps’ amazing gold medal run. Mochila offers licensed, rights-managed content from top media brands covering the Games, including The Associated Press, The Guardian, The BBC, Thomson Reuters and Getty Images, among others.Mochila’s sports content can be syndicated through their full suite of ad-supported sporty widgets that are customizable to match any website's look and feel, as well as highly interactive video and photo slideshow players, which allow users to navigate images in sequence or random order. Despite the media issues within the host country, Keith McAllister, Mochila's CEO assures that web publishers will "have free access to premium Olympic content" via Mochila.