Mochila Gets a Guardian For a Content Provider

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Mochila and the Guardian work together
Mochila is at it again. The one-stop, all things media, online marketplace has added the Guardian News & Media to their long list of media partners. While Guardian News & Media will syndicate multi-media content from their Web site, Guardian.co.uk, Mochila members will get more options from which to shop for content, photos, videos and more, thus expanding the Guardian's reach globally. And as a bonus, the Guardian will have the privilege of being Mochila's premier UK content provider offering multi-media content from their Web site. Mochila’s Marketplace is one of the largest repositories of high-quality, rights-managed content from the most well-respected names in media globally and is a coveted partnership among big names in web publishing like Reuters, BBC, Belo and Clickability, many who have partnered with Mochila since 2007. Guardian's presence on the web hasn't gone without recognition, either.As one of the UK’s most popular sites, it's been voted the best newspaper on the web at the Webby Awards for the last three years.Its passion for news and media and it's "vast array of content" according to Collin Hughes, managing director of Guardian Professional, is what "provides unrivalled coverage of the arts, business, sports, travel and news."Joining Mochila only continues their "strategy of broadening the distribution channels for our trusted news and information, while extending the reach of Guardian News & Media."For those already using Mochila's Marketplace, the options for quality content are growing everyday. For a while now, Mochila has been deemed the "one to watch" as it grew seemingly overnight from a small clearinghouse to a global empire of online media. Yet, as its grown exponentially over the past year, it's clear that Mochila has become the "one to join".