Organizations have been doing fascinating things with AI recently — from exciting advancements in conversational AI to ChatGPT making corporate communication easier. Still, there’s a lot of progress to be made within the customer experience (CX) space. Despite these advancements in technology, many organizations still struggle to optimize CX. It’s a delicate balance between empowering the right people with the right skills and adopting the right technology with the right capabilities.

Customer care automation technology hasn’t always been customer-centric, and the past few years has shown organizations that they need to apply more AI tools in CX, according to “AI and Customer Experience: What Does the Future Hold?”, a 2022 report by Interactions. Here’s how forward-thinking organizations can use AI to truly improve the customer experience and bring organizations into the future.

Optimizing Digital Channels

Customers are increasingly relying on digital channels for many brand interactions. Many prefer talking to a chatbot over calling an agent on the phone and making online purchases rather than going in-store. Given these trends, brands must meet the vital expectation of optimizing their use of automation and AI on digital channels.

One feature organizations should be sure to invest in is a consistent omnichannel experience. With so many channels available, customers have a lot of options, from texting to messaging to phone calls with agents. Organizations need AI-driven technology that allows customers to have seamless, reliable conversations no matter what channel they choose.

Still, optimizing digital channels is easier said than done. Whatever investments organizations choose to make to improve the digital experience must have quick, clear business benefits — especially at a time with great economic uncertainty and pressure to contain budgets. Without strong metrics to prove impact, brands may likely stop using the strategy or solution and move on to the next idea. To thrive in this environment, organizations must choose digital channel solutions with strong, tangible results.

Helping Organizations Thrive in a New Regulatory Environment

New laws combined with the decline of third-party data create an environment where organizations must rely on first- or zero-party data to make observations, predictions and decisions. This allows brands to create a more personalized experience for customers — but only if they have the skills, talent and technology needed to make the most of this data.

Data science is a vital skill for brands to develop for excellent CX management. It’s needed to help CX teams identify customer trends and predict customer behavior. AI-enabled data tools allow organizations to connect data points from around the organization, helping people make informed predictions about customers. With strong first-party data and an AI-enabled solution that can make meaningful customer observations, CX can improve. For example, conversational AI will have access to more accurate data to have personalized conversations with customers.

Learning Opportunities

AI Investments to Expect in the Future

Experts across the industry expect strong growth in many types of AI tools. With the continuing labor shortage affecting many industries, organizations will need to invest in more contact center AI to support their workforce. Choosing the right virtual assistant will mean the difference between satisfying and frustrating customers. There are many options on the market, so future-minded companies need to do their research to find the solution most suited for a rapidly changing customer base.

Another trend that experts expect is the growing popularity of single-vendor solutions over multiple vendor solutions. Managing multiple vendors at once for different parts of the CX strategy leads to slower execution — not the ideal outcome in a fast-moving world. By consolidating vendors as much as possible, brands can execute CX strategies more quickly and keep pace with customer changes.

Despite growing excitement for solutions like these, it’s important to remember that AI alone is not a silver bullet solution. It’s a valuable tool that can make a big difference in CX, but It’s vital to combine human intelligence with AI to see true results.

Accelerate Your AI Toolbox

Meeting customer expectations in today’s world may seem daunting, but the right AI solutions will help your organization improve CX even as customer expectations and behaviors change. Companies that implement the right tools and strategies now will ensure that they are capable of meeting customer demands in the years ahead. Look for advanced tools that can make a clear difference and impact metrics as soon as possible, like the Intelligent Virtual Assistant from Interactions. To learn more about how AI and CX will influence each other in the future, read the paper below.

Download “AI and Customer Experience: What Does the Future Hold?” here.