We continue our On Our Radar series with a look at Clkim, a URL management platform. Company officials said they are providing marketers with an alternative to Bitly.

Year founded: 2014

Founders: Yoav Shalev is the founder and CEO of Clkim. He invented the company's product line now used by more than 16,000 brand managers, affiliates and social media marketers. Lior Broshi serves as Clkim’s co-founder and CTO. Broshi is responsible for the development of Clkim’s platform.

yoav shalev and lior broshi

Headquartered in: Neve Ilan, Israel

Number of employees: 11-plus

Number of customers: 16,000-plus users

Awards/recognition: Finalist at Webit Festival Bulgaria

When was your latest major platform release, and what did it entail? Sept. 28. This release closes our latest chain of platform improvements. New integrations: Zapier, Chrome and Firefox extensions, easier payment processing via BlueSnap. It also includes a domain purchase process. Users can now purchase a branded domain and start shortening with it in no time (i.e. having your own bit.ly with your brand name being strengthened every time you share a shortened link).

What is one thing you have no one else does in this space? Given the amount of tools that online marketers have at their disposal nowadays, we seek to provide them with a dashboard that combines all of the most important features in one place. 

They include the ability to:

Learning Opportunities

  • Create full-page ads 
  • Paint web-surfers with a re-targeting pixel that fires with every click on any link you create
  • Integrate Clkim's shortening features with all the apps you love (via Zapier)
  • Re-direct your traffic based on operating system and location
  • Measure which online sources are bringing you the most paying customers

What is your total funding from investors to date? Undisclosed

Can you cite a typical customer and what common business problem they have before they use your technology? The modern marketer knows he has a wide variety of online channels through which he can reach his audience. But he needs to be able to measure where his paying customers are actually coming from. He can also increase the success of all his campaigns by using branded links, which lead to 40 percent higher click rates. 

Who experiences these challenges? Branding managers, social media managers, affiliate marketers, content curators, SMS marketers, affiliates, publishers, any business with an online presence.

What can we expect in terms of innovation in 2016? We’re going to be listening closely to how our clients are using the Clkim software, and will continue developing our service based on real-world challenges that our users face. The online marketing space keeps changing, and we intend to change with it.

Customer take: Ran Poliakine, co-founder of Tap Systems Inc.: “We used Clkim’s software to build segmented lists of interested prospects. By embedding re-targeting pixels into all of our online marketing campaigns, we were able to create tremendous demand for our product before it launched. Within less than four months, we’ve built a waiting list with more than 50,000 people waiting to purchase the Tap Strap when it will be released.”

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