Providing a positive customer experience (CX) will become a critical differentiator for companies in 2023. Customers have much higher expectations when interacting with businesses, and elevating their experience can create greater customer loyalty and improve your brand’s reputation.

In fact, a report from PwC found that 65% of respondents would become long-term customers of a brand if they could provide positive experiences throughout the customer journey.

While all companies are taking strides to improve CX, the ones that will succeed this year will be those who invest in the right technology. CMSWire recently spoke with Ron Kimhi, Lead Product Manager at about how leveraging a CRM system such as monday sales CRM can supercharge CX at your company.

Make Automation Easy

The right CRM software can deliver various time-saving benefits through automation, according to Kimhi.

“By automating routine sales tasks such as follow-ups and assignments, sales teams have more time to focus on higher-value activities,” Kimhi said. It can also help teams identify their most important deals.

Furthermore, automation also allows companies to offer a more relevant experience for customers through chatbots and other tools that provide highly-personalized messaging throughout the sales cycle.

Kimhi added that a good CRM system should make automation simple. “You should look carefully to find out whether the platform is easy to use and customizable without the help of developers,” Kimhi explained.

Collaborate Within and Across Departments

Having a unified CRM platform in place can improve not only collaboration within the sales team but with other departmentsinvolved in CX across an organization.

“In many cases, CX doesn’t just fall on one department,” Kimhi explained. “When everyone is updated on customer journey information, every interaction can be more relevant and productive for both past and future needs.”

A CRM with collaborative capabilities ensures that the information doesn't end up siloed even when communication occurs on multiple channels (email, Slack, etc.). By centralizing data in one location, a CRM ensures that it’s accessible to everyone when needed. The right CRM can also integrate with any systems that store important data, which enables various business functions to access this data without having to switch between systems.

Learning Opportunities

With greater visibility into this information, different departments can also easily monitor and report on data throughout the customer journey to determine their successes and challenges.

Customize For Your Workflows

Kimhi quickly noted that true customization in a CRM should be easy for administrators and sales managers to set up and change as workflows evolve without the need for external help.

Customization is also a key benefit for companies with unique workflows. “I think many businesses require custom fields and objects in their work, especially for those that have a lot of unique data points, and they’ll need to be agile and have the ability to customize on the go,” Kimhi said.

Customizable dashboards also allow sales teams to generate the reports they need quickly and use these to uncover essential insights, including an overview of each deal and where they stand.


In today’s environment, where quality customer service matters more than ever, having a CRM that lets you handle all your work in one place will boost your sales operations even more. This includes automating tasks, enabling collaboration and customization, as well as bringing pipeline and post-sales processes under one roof. “You should also consider the time and costs involved with implementing one, as unforeseen costs often surprise companies after they’ve made a purchase,” added Kimhi.

A unified hub for everything related to customer experience can be implemented in as little as a few days, but a great CRM system will deliver long-term benefits to your sales team and drive better business results for your entire company.

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