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January and February are some of the busiest months of the year for companies looking to hire, according to job search advice website, Career Sidekick. That’s because new budgets are set, the holidays are over, and there’s more focus on reducing hiring backlogs.

It’s a tight talent market. As such, it’s critical your company puts its best foot forward to attract top talent. As you prepare for your new year job interviews, keep in mind that today’s workforce is thinking beyond the perks of ping-pong tables and free food. Sure, these are fun and nice, but they aren't as impactful as a great digital employee experience is on day-to-day tasks and ultimately, employees’ careers.

Make Employee Experience a Selling Point

Employee experience is a combination of employee technology, work style and culture. It influences and is influenced by digital employee experience. What does that mean for you — a leader looking to bring in the best talent? Most simply, this: provide employees with the tools and technology they need to do their work, wherever they want to work.

This becomes even more important if you are hiring a remote workforce or looking to fill a location-independent position such as a technician or traveling nurse or field sales representative. Having the right apps, easily accessible, on the device of their choosing, and available whenever and wherever they work boosts employees’ ability to effectively plan, collaborate and execute. And that’s critical to job satisfaction.

My company, VMWare, recently conducted a survey which found a seamless digital employee experience is a win-win for employees and employers.

1. Leading Companies Prioritize Digital Employee Experience

A good digital employee experience gives organizations a competitive edge. More than three-quarters (76%) of respondents who consider their organizations to be leaders and pioneers in employee experience agree that their workers can find and install the right app for any new task/process at work. It’s only about half of employees (53%) at follower organizations.

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2. Better Digital Experiences Are Linked to Faster Revenue Growth

A full 80% of employees that can easily find and install the right app for any new task/process at work are at companies with high or hypergrowth (15% or more revenue growth) versus only 42% at companies underperforming or not growing (-1%+ - 0% revenue growth). 

3. A Great Digital Experience Boosts Employee Sentiment

Organizations seen as promoters (which according to the survey are those with the most digital experience factors) more often provide a good digital employee experience. Here’s what else happens. Respondents who say, “My organization lets me easily work from anywhere” are also likely to agree:

  • I am proud of my organization.
  • My organization has a progressive culture.
  • My organization is recognized as a top place to work.
  • My organization provides a good work-life balance.

What’s becoming clear is employees who have access to the information and digital tools they need for work will be best positioned for success. This can become one of your strongest selling points to prospective employees.

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Educate Job Candidates About Your Company’s Digital Employee Experience

Some job candidates may never have considered or heard much about digital employee experience. Seize the opportunity to educate them on your company’s strengths in this area. Before you head into an interview, consider the answers to these questions. The answers may serve as important conversation starters to initiate and navigate an employee experience dialog with prospective employees:

  • Positive digital employee experience is linked with company growth, competitive position and how you feel about where you work. What workplace benefits beyond the fun ones (e.g., game rooms, stocked refrigerators and the like) do you provide to help employees get work done how and where they want to accomplish it? In other words, how advanced is your organization when it comes to employee digital experience?
  • How are your IT and HR organizations aligned when it comes to digital employee experience goals and outcomes?
  • What level of investment has or is your organization making in a digital workspace platform to fuel employees’ modern work needs?

A robust digital employee experience is not only the key to attracting good candidates, it’s critical to fast onboarding and jumpstarting productivity as well as a key reason top employee performers choose to stay! Be sure digital employee experience is among the top selling points you include in your pitch to job candidates in the new year.