Alexa for Business is already helping companies transform their workplace with intercoms and meeting management features. Now, with the release of Alexa Blueprints — a set of Alexa Skill templates that non-technical people can use to build their own Alexa Skills — enterprises have a new way to improve their digital employee experiences with very little effort up front.  

In initial coverage of Alexa Blueprints, we discussed the potential business use cases for some of the templates available. Today, we’re taking a look at how to turn Alexa Blueprints into Alexa Skills that improve the digital employee experience (DEX).

Alexa In The Workplace: Why Build An Alexa Skill For Your Employees?

As James Robertson, a serial author in the intranet space, indicated in a recent CMSWire article, the quality of employee experiences is becoming increasingly vital to both the internal and external functions of a company. “[A great] digital employee experience allows [companies] to bring the needs of staff into the boardroom, where they can be considered as a strategic opportunity for the business," Robertson said. He went on to imply that, when digital employee experiences are positive, brands can focus their reinvigorated employee energy on projects that move the needle.

Alexandra Barcelona, Miami, Florida based dotCMS’ Director of Demand Marketing, told CMSWire that "positive employee experience has been linked to improved employee performance, which can only be good for a brand's bottom line.” Studies also show that actively disengaged employees cost the U.S. economy between $450 billion to $550 billion per year — which is enough of an incentive for any company to reconsider the state of their workplace culture.

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3 Alexa Blueprints You Can Use to Inspire, Educate and Entertain Employees

In many workplaces it always seems that companies are trying to do more with less which can make work a grind. But using Amazon's technology, organizations can inject a little gamification, entertainment and more. “With well-made Alexa Skill in the workplace, a company might be able to improve the daily lives of their employees with some productivity tips or even some entertainment,” Barcelona said.

So, how can a brand use Alexa Blueprints to quickly deploy Alexa Skills in the workplace? Here are three ways to make the work day a little lighter.

Learning Opportunities

1. Inspirations

The inspirations Alexa Blueprint allows you to build a skill that randomly fires off quotes and one-liners on demand. As the name implies, this makes it a great tool for inspiring Alexa users.

With that in mind, you could add some inspirational yet personalized messages to this blueprint, or you could use it to dish out witty quips about office life at your company, to deliver guidance on company policy or even to throw out little-known company trivia.

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2. Family Trivia

The family trivia blueprint is designed to distinguish how much family members know about each other. Now, you may not run a family business, but the same skill could be personalized to help team members come together and learn about each other — or, learn how much they don’t know each other even after years of working under the same roof.

3. Quizzes

A good old quiz never fails to engage, so your employees should jump at the prospect of getting the highest score in the office. You could design your quiz around the company’s history and policies, clients, products, services or even general knowledge.

Keep Employees Engaged With a Flurry of Alexa Skills

The beauty of Alexa Blueprints is that a brand doesn’t have to choose between these three avenues, nor does it have to approach each blueprint type in one, rigid way — because with Alexa Blueprints, manufacturing bespoke Alexa Skills to engage employees at scale is pretty darn easy.