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PHOTO: Ben Rosett

ScheduleOnce is taking steps to better automate the hiring process with the acquisition of an algorithmic scheduling engine that can coordinate interviews among hiring managers, recruiters and candidates alike.

ScheduleOnce acquired the technology, Reschedge, from HireVue, a South Jordan, Utah-based digital recruiting platform.

Rami Goraly
Rami Goraly

Rami Goraly, CEO of ScheduleOnce, called Reschedge "the perfect fit" to extend its existing scheduling automation solution. 

By combining the Reschedge patent-protected technology with ScheduleOnce, schedule coordinators can automate meeting scheduling between job candidates and multiple hiring managers.

"The hiring managers just want the meeting to be scheduled — and that's it," Goraly told CMSWire. 

"Usually, people coordinate these schedules in Outlook. But scheduling a full sequence of interviews on the same day with multiple hiring managers can be time-consuming. This technology allows you to do so in minutes."

Ten-year-old ScheduleOnce operates virtually and globally, but maintains a mailing address in Walnut, Calif.

Reschedge Roots

Jonathan Kennell, an MIT graduate and former Google software engineer, founded Reschedge. He wanted to create algorithms that made scheduling easier for Google's complex recruiting requirements.

It was acquired by HireVue within a year of its launch, and Kennell stayed on from January 2014 until March 2015 to help HireVue integrate Reschedge. HireVue will continue to offer its interview scheduling solution, HireVue Coordinate, to its enterprise customers. Kennell is now VP Product Management at Yext, a longtime Reschedge customer.