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Doc Mgt Roll-Up: MS, Box Grow Closer

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There have been a lot of changes at the executive level at Microsoft in the past week. But one thing that hasn’t changed is the pace at which Microsoft is upgrading or adding new functionality to its Office products.

The most notable change this week is enhanced integration between Office Online and Box.

Microsoft claims the deal will enable users to collaborate on documents and digital content easier than ever before. The new features enable users to browse, open and edit files with Office Online from Box, as well as create new flies in Office Online and save them back to Box.

Building the Relationship

This is not the first time Box and Microsoft have worked together. Earlier this year, Microsoft introduced an Office 365 partner program that enabled other cloud services to integrate Office Online into their applications.

As one of those cloud partners, Box offers integration with Office for iPad, iPhone and Outlook for iPhone and iPad.

There's still a lot to be done here but enabling users to manipulate Office files online is a good start.

Interact’s Productivity Move

There's more news in the productivity space, this time from Interact.

Interact is enabling integration of its intelligent intranet software with a number of document management solutions including OneDrive and Dropbox.

Users will be able to access external content from inside the intranet, enhancing collaboration and document use.

Interact has also extended its intelligent search function, which surfaces relevant content for intranet users. Now users can also search documents stored in external cloud storage platforms.

Combined with tagging and document cross-reference, organizations can build a better collaborative environment, the company claims. Users can upload documents in bulk and use inline preview to identify needed content.

Coveo’s Search Cloud

Coveo launched of Coveo Cloud intelligence search platform, which offers unified search as an enterprise-class cloud service.

This new service will enable organizations to securely unify data from disparate sources across the IT ecosystem (cloud and on-premises), create enterprise-wide experiences wherever people work and recommend relevant insights from everywhere directly into the context of customers and employees. 

Learning Opportunities

The offering includes a secure cloud-based index that unifies cloud and on-premises content, a security framework that includes encryption at rest and connectivity to a broad range of cloud and enterprise systems.

Coveo is not a document management vendor per se, but its search functionality helps make document management possible.

PandaDoc’s Sales Quotes

Sales automation vendor PandaDoc made its sales quote generation software available on both iOS and Android devise.

The PandaDoc apps enable sales reps to generate quotes, proposals and contracts from their tablets. This enables sales quotes in real-time, even during sales calls.

The new mobile apps enable sales professionals to leverage the original PandaDoc benefit of access to marketing content, which can also be used for building quotes and proposals. Users can also find and deliver content to clients on the spot, a helpful feature during sales meetings.

The aim is to provide as much content and data the sales team needs to close deals. If that data can be delivered in real time, then it should be possible to close the deal before the client has second thoughts.

M-Files ISV Award

Finally, Microsoft selected M-Files as its 2015 Independent Software Vendor partner in Finland. M-Files was the Microsoft's first Finnish partner to provide an information management solution that leveraged the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

Through Azure, M-Files has been able to offer faster implementations, better certification of information and more scalability than its competitors, the company claimed.