Tacoma, Wash.-based eDiscovery Squad has addressed an ongoing complaint about Google Apps and Google for Work with a new solution for managing content.

It introducing a document management system that will manage this information as a strategic asset.

The company is partnering with San Francisco-based AODocs to resell, support and provide a customized solution that it boasts delivers enterprise grade access control and information lifecycle management.

The product will manage information within the Google environment as soon as it enters the system. It will also automate manual processes like document routing (workflows), data collection and update (e-forms), indexing of scanned images and managing records.

In a statement, eDiscoverySquad pointed out that it partnered with AODocs because of the "seamless integration" of its product within the Google Drive file system and security infrastructure.

Office Collaboration

Now that the hoopla around the release of Office 2016 has died down, Microsoft is turning its attention to users. It's launchinga new series of blogs to address the use of the various Office apps.

Microsoft has been pushing the collaborative capabilities of the new suite. In fact, collaboration can be achieved using a simple share bottom embedded in the app interface. Users also have the option to control security by applying permissions to individual documents.

Recall’s Governance Upgrade

Recall, an information management vendor, announced the general availability of Recall CommandIG.

Learning Opportunities

The solution, designed to help companies manage information as well as governance, risk and compliance, comes in on-premises and cloud flavors. Recall also claims that it can secure collaboration initiatives, from local to global.

CommandIG is fully configurable. The standard subscription package is priced at $199 per month.

Everteam Buys Intalio

Paris-based Everteam just bought Intalio, a developer of a business process management solution. Financial details of the deal were not disclosed.

Everteam, which has a footprint in Europe and the Middle East, sees the acquisition as a way to expand its presence in the US. Intalio is distributed in the United States, Europe and Asia. It's already expanded operations in Boston.

Intalio provides a suite of products for large and small organizations to build business applications that are scalable from the firewall to the cloud.