Text and data retrieval specialist dtSearch just announced the release of a new.NET solution that will enable it to run the dtSearch Engine fully online in the Microsoft Azure cloud.

The new solution, built using Microsoft’s RemoteApp, is designed to help companies find and access data securely — as well as share apps and resources — from just about any computer or device.

Microsoft hosts the apps in the cloud, taking care of the hardware and scaling to meet user demands. But RemoteApp gives the search component the “look and feel” of a native application running under Windows, Android, iOS or OS/X.

Always Searching

According to Elizabeth Thede, director of sales at dtSearch, the solution relies on Azure Files for storing indexes — a new feature of Microsoft Azure, which only became generally available in the last few weeks.

She said the catalyst to develop the solution came from the developer community, which uses the dtSearch Engine for cloud-based hosting.

The result is a solution that brings together key features of the dtSearch Engine, including its terabyte indexer, which lets organizations index large volumes of text in a single index.

Learning Opportunities

It also offers multithreaded searching with no limit on the number of search threads, along with federated searching with the dtSearch Spider across directories, email and databases.

Text Search

dtSearch has been in the search business since 1991. Along with enterprise and developer text retrieval, it has its own document filters, offering parsing, extraction, conversion and searching of a broad spectrum of data formats.

And according to Thede, the new solution is unique. “Most cloud-based development — including on MS Azure — that we've seen has offered browser-based search access. This is the first demo that we've seen that provides MS Azure index hosting along with RemoteApp, giving the search component the “look and feel” of a native application running under Windows, Android, iOS or OS/X," she said.

While Thede didn’t go into dtSearch's future plans, she did point out that its ongoing strategy is to add support for new document and data formats. It also plans to add additional .NET, C++ and Java code samples to aid developer customers, while maintaining the rest of the dtSearch product line for end-users "looking for more off the shelf search solutions that don't involve programming integration,” she said.