Nintex is extending and enhancing partnerships with six major cloud platform and digital transformation companies including Adobe, Box, DocuSign, Dropbox, Microsoft, and Salesforce.

These vendors have been collaborating with Nintex to provide connectivity between their platforms and Nintex Workflow Cloud, the workflow and content automation platform Nintex pushed out to general availability in November.

Nintex Workflow Cloud is designed to transform analog-oriented, legacy business applications to digitally automated unstructured tasks.

Important to Connect Apps

John Burton, CEO of Bellevue, Wash.-based Nintex told CMSWire connecting apps is a priority for enterprises committed to digital transformation. Workflow was built to enable them, he explained, adding, “We built Nintex Workflow Cloud so users no longer have to deal with the minutia of integrating and extending their existing applications and systems."

Nintex is strategically partnering with many "digital transformation innovators," he continued, "to ensure our customers are getting the most out of all of their technology investments.”

Created in 2006, Nintex enables enterprises to create and manage processes ranging from the simple to the sophisticated, for both the back- and front-office. The platform supports and integrates some of the largest technology ecosystems on the market, including Office 365, Salesforce and SharePoint.

Nintex Workflow Cloud extends the platform to the cloud and hybrid systems, enabling enterprises to use more deployment models, including hybrid models, that extend their existing on-premises deployments from Nintex and other software providers.

New Partnerships

Burton said Nintex Workflow Cloud is fast and easy to use. It connects systems, applications and repositories that customers already use to manage content of all types including those documents requiring signature. "Nintex is the orchestrator – keeping people at the center of their processes and workflows,” he said.

The enhanced partnerships are designed to achieve some specific outcomes, including:

  1. Adobe and DocuSign: This relationship extends esignatures beyond Salesforce-based document production to additional platforms such as Office 365 through connections to Nintex Workflow Cloud.
  2. Box and Dropbox: New actions within Nintex Workflow Cloud are designed to automatically integrate with Box and/or Dropbox. An event in either system can trigger workflow action in Nintex Workflow Cloud.
  3. Salesforce: The relationship is extending beyond Salesforce’s initial work with Nintex Drawloop document generation for Salesforce to deep integrations of Nintex Workflow Cloud with Salesforce CRM and Service Clouds.
  4. Microsoft: The relationship is extending beyond SharePoint and Office 365 to Azure. Nintex Workflow Cloud is built on Azure which also extends workflows running in Azure. Additionally, Nintex Workflow Cloud integrates with Microsoft Dynamics CRM to extend workflow capabilities of the CRM system.

The growth and development of Nintex and its technologies is a direct response to the growing adoption of cloud-based applications and platforms and the changing nature of enterprise processes and workflows, Burton said.

“Analysts are saying hybrid, multi-cloud deployments — such as Dropbox, Salesforce and OneDrive — are now the norm, and that by 2019 more than 30 percent of new software investments will be cloud-only. In the context of workflow, file syncing and shared cloud services like Dropbox and Box are moving workflow from an internal to an external process. Cloud-based workflow and APIs are making it easier than ever for enterprises to connect and extend existing cloud and content services," he continued.

Future Plans

Nintex Workflow Cloud is the latest move by Nintex to build its workflow business. Soon, Burton said, Nintex Workflow Cloud will integrate with Nintex Hawkeye workflow analytics. The intelligence provided by Nintex Hawkeye works together with the adaptability inherent in the Nintex Workflow Cloud architecture to enable continuous improvement of workflows

Workflow Cloud will also soon be able to take advantage of the company’s new extensibility framework, Nintex Xtensions, which will simplify the creation of custom integrations with customers’ existing line of business applications.